Pricing & FAQ’s

Paintless dent repair is ideal for smaller dents sometimes caused by hail damage, door dings, reverse gear mishaps, golf balls and a million other ways (no need to list them all, am I right?).

As long as the paint isn’t cracked or broken, there is a good chance that a paintless dent repair is in your future!


Dent repairs start as low as $50

It’s the question on everyones mind — “how much is a paintless dent repair going to cost me?” The answer can vary, and all pricing is confirmed once the vehicle has been inspected, but our custom pricing starts at $50. Factors such as these may cause the price to fluctuate:

  • Location —  Some dent are tougher than others, based on where they are on the vehicle
  • Number of dents — seems obvious, but each dent takes time and care, and the more dents there are, the longer Saskatoon PDR Solutions will be in your company
  • Size — small dents and large dents require different tools and variances of effort. The quote is adjusted to take these types of variances into consideration


Everything you’ve always wanted to know

Where is Saskatoon PDR Solutions?

Although based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saskatooon PDR Solutions is a fully mobile dent repair provider, travelling throughout Saskatchewan and its city’s and towns. Requests for mobile repair in Alberta or Manitoba are accepted.

What’s the first step in getting a dent repaired?

Someone hit you, and left their mark. Contact Saskatooon PDR here and we can get started, whether your repair needs to go through SGI, or you are covering this one on your own.

Mobile repair? Tell me about that.

Saskatoon PDR Solutions has a truck and fully stocked trailer readily prepared to come to you.

  • Dealerships in Saskatoon and province-wide — when storms hit and you need extra help around the shop, Saskatoon PDR is available, and can assemble a larger crew if needed. We bring our tools and our people power!
  • Local Shops — I’m available for your delicate dent work, trained in repairing your everyday Steel jobs, and also available for working on tricky Aluminum.
  • Individual customers who need repair — we do this too! Having a garage is beneficial, but let’s talk if you don’t.
Are you SGI accredited?

You bet! We’ve passed a rigorous screening and application process to get there, and happy to have arrived. This means its even easier to serve the above clientele types.

How experienced is Saskatoon PDR Solutions?

The journey began 7 years ago, self teaching with a good eye and steady hand. This evolved into achieving formal training and certification with someone I’d call a mentor, in Calgary, AB, in 2012.

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